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Joint Pain from Arthritis? Our cold compression delivers deep relief.

Arthritis joint pain and stiffness may prevent you from engaging in the activities you love. Squid Go is an FDA-cleared, drug-free device that is designed to relieve pain and stiffness and keep you going.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

“The Squid system provides arthritis patients with the best of both worlds – cold to relieve pain and compression to reduce swelling. You can visibly see results.”

Matthew Oliver, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Houston, TX

Living with arthritis does not mean giving up on the things you love.

While chronic inflammation may harm your joints, the right treatment can help contain the inflammation and maintain healthier joints. Squid Go treatments take just 15 minutes to deliver relief.

Squid Go is designed to help you with joint and muscle pain.

Adding Squid Go to your joint health strategy can help control pain, swelling and inflammation while reducing dependency on pain medication.

Try Squid Go today and see why our cold compression therapy is a game-changer for joint and muscle pain relief.

Relief, wherever you need it

With 6 options to choose from, cold compression therapy is instantly available.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

Relief, wherever you need it

With 6 options to choose from, cold compression therapy is instantly available.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

Feel the difference

Our proprietary gel packs are formulated using environmentally friendly gel that gently conforms to your body while Squid Go’s joint-specific wraps provide a unique advantage: intermittent sequential compression*

* Sequential compression is available in the following wraps: Knee/Leg, Ankle, Wrist, Elbow, Back

How Squid Go works


Choose a setting to your comfort and enjoy effective treatment.

A square black device with a digital display.


Just press pause, adjust the level, and play to resume your treatment.

Experience medication-free arthritis relief

Driving cold deep into the affected joint to provide rapid pain relief.

Reducing the temperature in the joint is shown to inhibit inflammation and reduce its damaging effects1,2

30 days risk free trial

Improves blood flow to aid recovery with gentle, massage-like sequential compression that pushes fluids away from the joint area.

Hear from real Squid Go users

“It is a remarkable palliative therapeutic tool…extraordinarily effective. It’s also easy to access and easy to travel with.” Sherman Teichman – Brookline, MA

“I didn’t want to live on medication and was lucky to find Squid.  Once I used Squid, the swelling in my knee was reduced and the pain was as well. I was walking around again. When I use Squid on my arthritis knee… I can then go about my day.” Nicole Thomas – Boston, MA

“I used to take a lot of medication for arthritis in my knees. Now I use Squid after a long day’s work and, after 15 minutes, my swelling and pain are gone and I can go to bed comfortably.” Lea Nuta – Newton, MA

Never leave arthritis untreated

The best treatment in many cases is a multidisciplinary approach. Consult with your doctor about making Squid Go part of your pain management and joint maintenance routine.

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