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Portable Powerhouse.


Choose from four pre-programmed settings to enjoy comfortable and effective compression therapy.

A square black device with a digital display.


Simply press pause, adjust the compression level and resume your treatment.

Better by design.

Squid Goes with you

Squid Go’s lightweight (less than 1lb) rechargeable pump is also incredibly quiet, allowing you to enjoy treatment and pain relief almost anywhere.


Long-Lasting Battery

Enjoy up to 15 treatments from a single charge of Squid Go’s rechargeable pump.

One Pump, Six Wraps

All Squid Go wraps are designed to work with Squid Go’s portable pump, allowing you to add to your compression therapy system as needed.

cold image with transparent background

Deep Cold Therapy Without the Cleanup

Our proprietary soft gel packs give you maximum cold and comfort without the mess of ice water.

Four Pre-Programmed Compression Modes

Receive effective treatment regardless of the compression level you choose.

Targeted Treatments

Our targeted body wraps and gel packs mean you can get pain relief exactly where you need it most.

A person holding a small device with a battery attached to it.

A Smarter Product

Squid Go is designed with user comfort in mind. Choose the level of compression that you find most comfortable and enjoy pain relief at the touch of a button.

Faster Treatment

Pain relief that is quick and convenient. Each Squid Go treatment takes just 15 minutes, regardless of compression level.

The squid clock is displayed on a white surface.
A black sleeve with a logo on it on a blue background.

Deeper Results

Squid Go’s proprietary technology blends intermittent sequential compression with cold gel packs to drive cold deep into muscles and joints for targeted pain relief every time.

Pain relief is just a few clicks away.