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Squid Go: Advanced pain relief and recovery

Squid Go is designed to provide fast, effective recovery from muscle soreness and joint pain and swelling, without medication. The ideal solution for

  • Pain from Arthritis
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Injury
  • Surgical Rehabilitation

What Makes Squid Go So Effective?

Our unique system is engineered to combine cold therapy with sequential compression, delivering rapid, deep pain relief to muscle tissue and joints. And our range of comfortable wraps and gel packs let you target relief exactly where you need it.

Amazing battery life

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Get cold, no cleanup

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Incredibly affordable

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Pain Relief, Wherever You Need It

Choose from six different cold compression therapy options

The Benefits

The Squid Go cold compression therapy system was designed by scientists to be comfortable, portable, durable and frequently used. It’s not magic, it’s just great engineering.

Squid Stories

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Squid can be a really great way to help you from a recovery standpoint. It really promotes joint health, helps decrease inflammation that occurs within the joints, and relieves everyday soreness.

Brant Berkstresser
Ivy League Collegiate Sports Trainer

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Pain relief is just a few clicks away.