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Squid Go – Dancers Best Recovery Tool

For professional dancers, long rehearsals followed by live performances are routine. The intense physical and mental effort endured by your body can lead to sore muscles, stiffness, fatigue and even injury. An effective recovery routine can eliminate muscle pain and stiffness, improve joint health and help prepare your body for the next challenge.

Make Squid Go part of your dance routine

Professional dancers and dance physical therapists use the Squid recovery system as part of their regular recovery routine. Now you can recover like a pro with Squid Go, the portable, state-of-the-art recovery system designed to keep you on your toes.

Relief, wherever you need it

With 6 options to choose from, cold compression therapy is instantly available.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

Relief, wherever you need it

With 6 options to choose from, cold compression therapy is instantly available.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

Read what professional dancers and leading dance physical therapists say about Squid Go

“The dancers love using the Squid ankle cold compression system after their rehearsal day as it effectively reduces the swelling and pain from their long day, especially if they have to perform later that evening. I have also used it with great success on acute foot/ankle and knee injuries. It is so easy to use and so light that the dancers can take it anywhere with them. Thanks again for such a convenient and effective product “

Marika Molnar,
PT New York City Ballet

“For the past two years, I have used Squid religiously every evening to reduce the inflammation caused by a 19-year professional dance career and recurring ankle and calf injuries. The Squid is essential to my recovery routine and greatly reduces the pain I wake up with. Plus, it is portable enough to come on tour with me, making it the greatest recovery tool I have!”

Kathleen Breen Combes,
Executive Director at Festival Ballet Providence

“Squid is an excellent way to reduce inflammation and pain, recover for the next show (which is likely the next day) and feel immediate improvement in the tissue. We use the Squid on tour and at the theater, as it is so simple to use, convenient and easy to pack. Many of our dancers have also purchased personal units for home use and find it superior to icing and so much more effective than other forms of ice and compression.”

Heather Southwick, PT, MSPT
Director of Physical Therapy Boston Ballet

“Suffering for months with an ankle injury; having to be replaced mid-performance; undergoing surgery the following week; missing several months of tour – my knee had the nerve to decide to flare up. I didn’t think I could handle much more. My Squid is my go-to for post-performance maintenance. As soon as anything starts to tweak, I have a resource on hand to help me get to and through the dance. I’m so grateful, as are my ankles and knees.”

Hope Boykin
Dancer, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

“The dancers at Atlanta Ballet love using the Squid Go for icing and compression as part of their recovery after very long rehearsal days. The reduction in swelling and inflammation is a very helpful part of their routines for injury prevention and as part of rehabilitation from ongoing aches, pains and injuries. We all appreciate how easy it is to use with no mess!”

Mandy Blackmon, PT, DPT, OCS, CMTPT
Head Physical Therapist
Atlanta Ballet

“The amount of physical and mental work required to go back to professional dance after experiencing full patella tendon rupture injury has been enormous. Squid Go has been a huge asset throughout my recovery. The sequential cold compression helps me control the pain and swelling after long physical therapy sessions, keeping me on track towards full recovery!”

Paulo Arrais
Principal dancer Boston Ballet

How Squid Go works


Choose a setting to your comfort and enjoy effective treatment.

A square black device with a digital display.


Just press pause, adjust the level, and play to resume your treatment.

Why use Squid Go as part of your dance recovery routine?

30 days risk free trial

Try Squid Go Today.

See why our cold compression therapy is a game-changer for rapid, drug-free joint and muscle pain relief.


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Ankle Wrap Application Video
Leg/Knee Wrap Application Video
Shoulder Wrap Application Video
Elbow Wrap Application Video

Videos courtesy of Heather Southwick, PT, MSPT Director of Physical Therapy, Boston Ballet.