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Recover like a pro with Squid Go

As an athlete, you are continuously pushing yourself in practice and challenging your limits. Your body responds by developing strength and endurance and it feels great. But your fitness doesn’t end there. Better recovery can improve your performance.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

Your muscles and joints deserve better care

The stress endured by your body from strenuous workouts can lead to sore muscles, stiffness, fatigue and even injury. An effective recovery routine following your workouts can eliminate muscle pain and stiffness, improve joint health and help prepare your body for the next challenge.

Make Squid Go part of your recovery routine

Professional athletes and athletic trainers use the Squid recovery system as part of their regular recovery routine. Now you can recover like a pro with Squid Go, the portable, personal care state-of-the-art recovery system designed to keep you going strong.

Relief, wherever you need it

With 6 options to choose from, cold compression therapy is instantly available.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

Relief, wherever you need it

With 6 options to choose from, cold compression therapy is instantly available.

Complete systems from $300

30 days risk free trial

Better recovery for better performance

Squid Go, along with other recovery methods such as nutrition, sleep and hydration, can help optimize your performance and prepare your body for the next challenge. Additionally, our Squid Go system is lightweight, comfortable and portable, so you can relieve pain and muscle sourness wherever you go. Get started with Squid Go today.

How Squid Go works


Choose a setting to your comfort and enjoy effective treatment.

A square black device with a digital display.


Just press pause, adjust the level, and play to resume your treatment.

Why use Squid Go as part of your athletic recovery routine?

Drive cold deep into the muscle and joint to provide rapid pain relief for soreness. Reduce the temperature in the joint, which is shown to inhibit inflammation and reduce its damaging effects1,2

Reduce swelling and improve blood flow with sequential compression by pushing fluids away from the joint area and improving circulation.

30 days risk free trial

An old joint injury can become inflamed and swollen following practice. Squid Go can help control the pain, swelling and inflammation.

Hear from real Squid Go users

“There is no other product I trust to get my knees feeling better for competition after a long day of training and skiing.” Ashley Caldwell – Aerialist, U.S. Freestyle Ski Team

“Squid can be a really great way to help you from a recovery standpoint. It really promotes joint health, helps decrease inflammation that occurs within the joints, and relieves everyday soreness.”  Brant Berkstresser – Ivy League Collegiate Sports Trainer

“We witnessed drastically reduced swelling, pain ratings reduced, and happy patients. Our therapists saw better outcomes and instantly became confident in the product.”  TJ Sanner – Atlas Physical Therapy

30 days risk free trial

Try Squid Go today.

See why our cold compression therapy is a game-changer for rapid, drug-free joint and muscle pain relief.

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1. Local cryotherapy improves adjuvant-induced arthritis through down-regulation of IL-6 / IL-17 pathway but independently of TNFα. Guillot X, Martin H, Seguin-Py S, Maguin-Gaté K, Moretto J, Totoson P, Wendling D, Demougeot C, Tordi N. PLoS One. 2017; 12(7): e0178668.

2. Effects of Local Heat and Cold Treatment on Surface and Articular Temperature of Arthritic Knees; Fredrikus G. J. Oosterveld and Johannes J. Rasker; Arthritis Rheum. 1994 Nov;37(11):1578-82.


Recovery for Athletes with Squid Go – Brant Berkstresser, An Ivy League Sports Medicine Director and Athletic Trainer