The All-Powerful

Shoulder System

Squid Go’s shoulder system includes one Squid Go shoulder wrap, one cold gel pack and the portable pump with connector tube and charger.

This system is scientifically designed to treat shoulder pain, including pain from arthritis or tendonitis. Squid Go delivers cold compression* therapy to the areas that need it most. Wraps are available for both left and right shoulders.

Wraps and gel packs are available in regular and large sizes.

For sizing questions, please refer to our sizing chart.

*This system does not use intermittent sequential compression due to the shoulder’s proximity to the heart. Because sequential compression is used to push swelling away from the extremities and towards the heart, sequential compression is not needed with the Squid Go shoulder pain treatment system.



One Pump and all the Wraps.

Our powerful, portable pump works with any of our wraps and gel packs. Enjoy relief, wherever you need it.

Portable and less than 1 lb

Four treatment settings

Amazing battery life

Get cold, no cleanup

Incredibly affordable

A Smarter Product

Squid Go is designed with user comfort in mind. Choose the level of compression that you find most comfortable and enjoy pain relief at the touch of a button.

Faster Treatment

Pain relief that is quick and convenient. Each Squid Go treatment takes just 15 minutes, regardless of compression level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Squid knee provided superior relief after knee surgery. Compression and ice combo was so helpful and so much less cumbersome than other products.

Not enough velcro

I'm really happy with the product. Arrived earlier than expected and it is easy to use. My only complaint is that there are onyl 2 small velcro attachments for the coldpack inside the garment. It often falls down from the sleeve before I can put it on. I think you need at least 2 more velcro pieces: one at the top and one at the bottom. Not just on the sides. Otherwise this is great!


I have always hated icing my knee (several issues not repairable) and squid go comes as a wonderful surprise. It's ice and it's cold but somehow the compression makes it more tolerable for me. I am already at level 4 and use it twice a day. A professional baller dancer recommended it to me and I'm forever grateful!

ACL surgury

I used the day after ACL reconstruction surgery at my PT visit. Then decided to order my own and paid for overnight delivery! This is a must have!

Cold compression

The Squidgo is easy to use and provides different levels of compression.